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    The Terrorium Shop is a collaboration between Ian and Amber, a taxidermist and gardener. It all started with a curious little girl and a strange secret hobby. When Amber was little she would collect found curiosities. Everything from tiny vibrant flowers, beautiful butterflies and fragmented bones. When she got older she began experimenting with recreating these curiosities environments. Constructing visually dynamic mini-worlds based off her experiences in nature.

    These mini-worlds became 3-D photographs for me. Memories of my favorite elements of nature. I would take inspiration from the tiniest details found on my explorations.

    Amber absolutely adores the process of decay and regrowth found in the natural world and strives to mimic that process through her living Terroriums. Not everyone has the accessibility to nature 24/7. The Terrorium Shop’s goal is to bring nature into the home and allow you to directly interact with it.

    The most magical part of our living Terroriums is that you become a part of this process that is so much bigger than you with every interaction you have with your piece. That process of growth is only facilitated with your care.

    A few moons back Amber met Ian, a lover of preservation also. 

    I spent many months on the water, fishing in Alaska. I found a quiet sense of calm on the sea. Nature is a huge part of my life and I constantly want to be interacting with it. I got into taxidermy because I wanted to preserve the memory of earth’s magnificent creatures.

    For their first holiday together Amber gifted Ian with one of her creations and that’s when The Terrorium Shop was born.

    Amber and Ian combined their interest in preservation and their different skill sets to create unique pieces showcasing the processes of decay and regrowth; death and life. They hit the local market scene sharing their passion.

    In August 2019, Amber and Ian expanded their hobby to a quaint space tucked away in the Berkeley neighborhood of Denver.

    Their space combines ethically sourced curiosities, floral and living house plants. A variety of classes are offered each month to provide others with the tools to preserve, create and experience nature right here in the city.