Our goal is to honor the deceased through living adornment. Every piece is made with intention and we take great care to source responsibly. It is our intention to honor nature not take advantage of it.

Most of our bones are foraged or come from road kill. We have a network of collectors from people who work for the department of transportation to local foragers. We process most of the animals ourselves. We take great care to forage responsibly; following all laws and only supporting other individuals that do so. Anything outsourced is done so within our ethics policy.

Our taxidermy specimens come from still born animals, small local animal shops whose animals have met an early passing and animal control as a part of wildlife management.

Our insect specimens come from a third party who collects insects post death from pavilions and nature sanctuaries. And specimens we have found on nature hikes.

During growing season we source a large number of our floral from local Colorado flower farms, and we try to reuse absolutely everything.

It is our goal to run an ethical and sustainable business that maintains transparency.  If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us via our contact form on the website.